WAMC (West Midlands Acute Medicine Collaborative) was formed by Acute Internal Medicine Registrars from the West Midlands.  Our goal is to collaborate and produce high quality audit, research, quality improvements and teaching projects.


WAMC was formed in early 2015 with the aim of encouraging collaboration between Registrars in the region to produce high quality projects.  Projects for WAMC are discussed meetings.  If you have an idea for a project or would like to get involved email wmacutemed@gmail.com

In order to recognise the contribution of all collaborators, WAMC uses a film credit style of authorship (see Nature article).  This avoids issues relating to he order in which authors are listed and recognises minor contributors, thus encouraging junior doctors to get involved.


Chair - Joe Wheeler

Vice Chairs -Zoe Kimbley and Clare Philliskirk

Education and Training- Andrea Adjetey and Harjinder Kainth

Digital Communications- Mary Packer

CUrrent projects

Acute Kidney Injury Project

Re-audit currently underway to assess whether the electronic alert has improved recognition and management of AKI.

Lumbar Puncture Quality Improvement Project

This project aims to improve efficiency of procedures performed on AMUs across the West Midlands by standardising the location of essential equipment.