AIM Training days


29th January 2019 @ Royal Stoke University Hospital (click for programme)

15th February 2019 @ Walsall Manor Hospital

14th March 2019 @ University Hospital Coventry & Warwick

17th April 2019 @ Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley (click for programme)

29th May 2019 @ Worcestor Royal Hospital (click for programme)

June 2019 - cancelled

15th July 2019 @ New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton - QIP day

August 2019 @ Warwick Hospital

September 2019 @ Good Hope Hospital

October 2019 @ Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals

November 2019 @ University Hospitals Birmingham

December 2019 @ WAMC


25th January 2018 @  City Hospital - WAMC day  (click to see programme)

26th February 2018 @ Walsall Manor Hospital  (click to see programme)

26th March 2018 @ Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (click to see programme)

27th April 2018 @ Russels Hall Hospital Dudley  (click to see programme)

30th May 2018 @ Worcester Royal Hospital (click to see programme)

7th and 8th June 2018 West Midlands Acute Medicine Meeting @ UHB- find more information and booking details at 

31st July 2018 @ New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton- QIP day- all trainees required to produce a poster for their QIP

28th August 2018 @ Warwick Hospital (click to see programme)

28th September 2018 @ Good Hope Hospital (click to see programme)

19th October 2018 @ City Hospital (click to see programme)

6th November 2018 @ QE (click to see programme)

4th December 2018@  WAMC


19th January 2017 @ Birmingham Heartlands Hospital - WAMC day

3rd February 2017 @ Walsall Manor Hospital (click to see programme)

10th March 2017 @ Birmingham Heartlands Hospital -trainee led(click to see programme)

11th April 2017 @ Russels Hall Hospital Dudley(click to see programme)

2nd May 2017 @ Worcester Royal Hospital(click to see programme)

29th and 30th June 2017 West Midlands Acute Medicine Meeting @ UHB(click to see programme)- free to attend for AIM trainees, please email confirming which days you wish to attend, there will be limited capacity so please reply ASAP

13th July 2017 @ New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton(click to see programme)

15th August 2017 @ City Hospital

1st September 2017 @ Good Hope Hospital(click to see programme)

10th October 2017 @ City Hospital (click to see programme)

30th November 2017 @ UHB  (click to see programme)

December 2017 @ UHNM - Cancelled


15th January 2016 @Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (WAMC day) (click here for programme)

18th February 2016 @ Walsall Manor Hospital (click here for programme)

11th March 2016 @ Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (click here for programme)

12th April 2016 @ Russels Hall Hospital, Dudley (click to see programme)

23rd May 2016 @ Worcester Royal Hospital (click to see programme)

16th & 17th  June 2016 West Midlands Acute Internal Medicine meeting @ University Hospital Birmingham

19th July 2016 @ New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton (click to see programme)

22nd August 2016 @ Warwick Hospital (click to see programme)

27th September 2016 @ Good Hope Hospital (QiP day) (click here for programme)

21st October 2016 @ Sandwell Hospital (click here for programme)

29th November 2016 @ University Hospital Birmingham (QiP day - led by Dr Emma Vaux - RCP lead - Learning to Make a Difference)

13th December 2016 @ Royal Stoke University Hospital (as long as no JD strike)



Please note, if you are organising a training day at your centre please ensure you do the following

  1. Please can you email at least 8 weeks prior to the date of the day with the date, venue and programme

  2. Ideally the day should run from 1000-1500

  3. The lead organiser is also responsible for printing and editing the register and feedback forms. These can be found on the Documents for trainees section. These must be emailed to Failure to do this will mean that attendances on Interpid may not be accurate which may lead to problems at ARCP

  4. Please check AIM curriculum( found in documents for trainees section) to see which topics need to be covered

  5. Please email if you have any further questions.

Other Events


GIM Training days


January 2019 @


11th January 2018 @ Warwick Hospital

21st March 2018 @ Holiday Inn Birmingham, RCP

25th April 2018 @ Russells Hall Hospital

17th May 2018 @ West Midlands Physicians Association

7th June 2018 @ City Hospital

5th September 2018 @ UHCW

8th October 2018 @ Holiday Inn Birmingham, RCP Update in Medicine

22nd November 2018 @ West Midlands Physicians’ Association

3rd December 2018 @ UHB